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The Lost Levels (Full Album)

A dusty old cassette tape was unearthed from the bins near Kwik Save today. A relic from a time before music, a time when Sol Campbell ruled the multiverse. Eat in.


1: We'll be with you (0:00 -

2: Leaving Care (Vomiting Longton)

3: Rumbelow's Day

4: The Onset Of Cancer

5: Me Old Terraced Row

6: Iron Chip

7: Me Old Terraced Row 2

8: The Dripping Anthem

9: Liquid Len

10: Holiday In Tenerife

11: Horse Jazz

12: The Onset of Onsets

13: The Old Cockney Sweetshop

14: A Day At The Races

15: The Queen's Coronation

16: The Onset Of Oak House

17: I'd Rather have Walker's

18: Bowie Jazz

19: Flat Jazz

20: World Cup 2004 Commentary

21: Sol Campbell


This is very odd, but then I like odd. Fans of shouting won't be disappointed, there's some world class shouting on here.
Dan Saturday, 29th May, 2021 @ 1:50 am

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