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Founder and Developer of DigMusic.Online
Welcome to DigMusic.Online, a new social networking site and the poor man's Spotify to boot. The embryonic form of DigMusic started life as around 4 years ago. I was finding it difficult to find random, obscure videos on Youtube because "The Algorithm" kept steering me in directions I didn't want to go. I'd long felt that the search filters and GUI on Youtube were a hinderance to finding rare and bizarre content.

With that in mind, I set out to database as many Youtube videos as I possibly could and to present them with a novel interface that favoured nothing and threw up the most random of videos. At one point, had over 30,000,000 videos and it was at this point I realised why Youtube had it's algorithms - because most of the videos uploaded to it are truly awful and extremely boring, as evidenced by how difficult it was to find something interesting and watchable out of my 30,000,000 videos.

Eventually, I lost interest in the site and it inevitably "entropied". A few months ago, I decided to resurrect the old code and put back online. I'd already categorised a lot of the videos, and I had categories for music, comedy, documentaries, movies, paranormal, etc. One of the categories I'd made was Full Albums because I'd noticed that quite a few people uploaded them and put "Full Album" into the video title. At that time, I had about 7,000 full albums out of 30,000,000 million videos which back then, I thought was amazing. Sometime around the beginning of 2021, I had a idea - hopefully one which will one day, I will consider to be one of my best ever.

I wondered how many full albums were in Youtube. I decided to build a site, similar to Randomystic, but which focussed entirely on music and more specifically, to begin with, full albums. I re-tuned the webcrawling bot that I'd originally used to harvest URLS for and re-purposed it to finding any full albums that were lurking in the depths of Youtube. An that's how DigMusic.Online came to be born.

Just how many full albums are on Youtube? Let's find out togther. I was amazed when it reached 30,000 albums, then 100,000, then 250,000. Would it go to half a million? It did and now as I write this, it's currently on around 550,000 and I'm hoping it will get to the magic million. Every day, it tends to find and add around another 4-5,000 videos to the database.

I am currently building this site as I find the time. I am slowly adding more soclial networking features. It is my aim to build a fantastic social network for lovers of all types of music to to discover, share and discuss. Unlike nearly all modern social networking though, DigMusic will aim to remain simple and private as possible. We are here for the music, not the money, although if we eventually grow to be a considerable sized community, we will need to find some way of paying for new servers, which will probably mean having to carry a few ads. But we're some ways off that yet.

Signing up, is easier than just about every other site on the net. Just log in as if you were already a member and if the username is free, your account is created without you being asked a ton of nosey questions. You never ever have to give DigMusic your email address, especially if you are confident you will never forget your password.

You are also allowed to use spaces in your user name and have multiple accounts on DigMusic. If you have multiple accounts, you can use the same email address for password resetting for all of them.

Members or "Diggers" can define their own shelves and add whatever albums they find to them.

Diggers can also copy and move albums between their shelves.

If you see a shelf made by another digger that you really like, you can make a copy of it for your own collection, where you will be ale to rename it and add to it.

Alternatively, if you particularly like the other digger's taste in music, instead of copying the shelf to your own collection, you can choose to follow it instead. It will then be incorporated into the bottom of your own shelves page and anything the creator of it adds to it, will show up on your page as they add it.

Quite hard to explain, but really very simple when you see it into practice.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. make suggestions or request features.

Coming features to be added soon include a member's Blogwall which you or other members can post text and pictures to. Only the member will be able to delete posts from his blogwall though.

Some years ago, Youtube did away with its direct message system. I intend to build that functionality into DigMusic after the Blogwall is complete.

Thanks very much, one love.

To be continued...