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Sonic Stations [FULL ALBUM] - Echoes from Infinity Epic Rock Music Space Music Gaming Rock

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On this day, one year ago, I released my second full-length instrumental album, Sonic Stations. Spanning an unimaginably wide array of genres ranging from mainstream rock to epic orchestral to techno/electronic music, it thematically narrates a space epic that explores the creation, existence, and future of the universe. It is an experience from start to finish and to anyone listening, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!


00:00 Start

00:05 Signals

02:14 Free Fall

05:40 Quasar

09:01 Andromeda

12:48 Lost Horizons

16:34 Beginning of the End

20:26 Oblivion

26:04 Warp Zone

28:05 Stardust

34:29 A Thousand Lights

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Echoes From Infinity is a solo electronic rock project by 19-year-old composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Rohit Arun, from Navi Mumbai, India. His signature soundscape is a unique amalgamation of rock, electronic, orchestral and experimental elements, complemented by stunning visuals to help deliver the ultimate cinematic experience, crafted within the walls of his bedroom. Echoes' audio-visual design greatly exhibits his interest in sci-fi themes such as existence, reality, time, space exploration and the place of humanity amongst the stars.

P.S. Apologies for the 5 seconds of silence in the beginning. Bad render!

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Sonic Stations [FULL ALBUM] - Echoes from Infinity // Epic Rock Music/Cinematic Rock/Epic Gaming/Epic Space Music

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Not my usual cup of tea, but I like it.
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