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Maribou State feat. Holly Walker - Tongue (Official Video)

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Maribou State feat. Holly Walker - Tongue (Official Video).

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Released 10.06 on Southern Fried Records with remixes from James Welsh & Drew Hill.

Directors - Samuel Hurlock & Joe Beverley
Producer - Sean Leishman
Prod. Company - Flex Film
DOP - Jay Waldon
1st AC - James Chegwyn
Gaffer -Dan Goodall
Spark - Matt Vahey
Spark - Johnny Dew
Editor - Sam Hurlock
Choreographer - Chris Arias
Photographer - Ryan O'Donoghue
Production Assistant - Charlotte Hemsley
Hair& Make up - Laura Pusey
Commissioner - Craig Duranti
Record label - Southern Fried

Thanks to Ole at Panalux and Tom & Ronnie at Frame Rate Rentals.

Chloe Farnworth
Lindsay Konieczny
Jessica Stafford-Brooke
Sebastian Sacco

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