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Bunny Lee Presents Original Rocksteady (Full Album)

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- Artist: Various Artists

Title: Bunny Lee Presents Original Rocksteady

Genre: Reggae


Roy Shirley - Dance Arena

Roy Wilson - Dread Saras

Lester Sterling - Forest Gate Rock

Cynthia Richards - Forever

Glen Adams - Hold Down Miss Winey

Roy Shirley - It’s Been So Long

Cynthia Richards - Johnny Darling

Bill Gentles - Long Life

Don T. Lee - Love, Please Come Back

Glen Adams - My Argument

Max Romeo - My One Girl

The Uniques - People Rocksteady

Don T. Lee - Regay Time

Glen Adams - She’s So Fine

Lloyd Clarke - Summertime

Roy Shirley - Thank You

The Uniques - Trying To Find A Home

Roy Shirley - Warming Up The Scene

The Caribbeans -Butterflies

Pat Kelly - Daddy’s Home

The Uniques - Gypsy Woman

Glen Adams - Hey There Lonely Girl

Ken Parker - How Could I

Glen Adams - I Remember

Glen Adams - I Want To Hold You Hand

The Uniques - Lessons Of Love

Roy Shirley - Musical War

The Webber Sisters - My World

Ann Reid - Remember When

Alva Lewis - Revelation

Raving Ravers - Rock Rock & Cry

Roy Shirley - Rolling Rolling

Lester Sterling - Soul Voyage

Rot Shirley - Touch Them

Val Bennet - Val Is Back

Ken Rose - Wall Flower ˙



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