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Organ Sludge - STD (full album)

The second release by Organ Sludge entitled \"STD\"

fucking puke

1 - Cock Gobbling Cock Goblins

2 - Diseased Prolapsed Anus Fetish

3 - Penetration I - Skin Flap

4 - Penetration II - Meat Cleaver

5 - Penetration III - Thigh Wound

6 - Penetration IV - Chainsaw

7 - Penetration V - Gape Wink (Lick My Spit Bitch)

8 - Gonorrhea From An Old Korean Guy


OK, this is going into a new shelf called Vile. Not because I want to collect filth like this, but because I want to gather as much of it as is possible in one place prior to purging it all from the database. Argue by all means if you think I'm wrong, but this sort of rubbish can't be helping anyone in a positive way, can it?
Dan Wednesday, 2nd June, 2021 @ 1:07 am

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