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Tangerine - Tangerine (Official Full Album)

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Tangerine's self-titled album. #Tangerine #OfficialFullAlbum #IvoryMusic

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Here's the complete tracklist:
00:00 Huwag na Huwag
04:19 So It's You
07:51 Sure
11:54 Hanggang Pangarap Lang
16:22 Sana
20:06 What's That You're Doin
24:01 Your Love
27:29 Bakit Siya Na
31:34 Watcha Gonna Lose
35:20 Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

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Ivory Music & Video is one of the biggest independent record companies in the country. Having been active in the industry for more than three decades, we take pride in having worked with OPM classics like The Company, MYMP, Side A, Wolfgang, and April Boy Regino; as well as contemporary artists like Maja Salvador, Silent Sanctuary, Abra, among many others.

Ivory Music & Video is also currently representing a new breed of roster, which includes versatile actor and musician Carlo Aquino, online sensation AC Bonifacio, and teen idol Sharlene San Pedro; and several rock and alternative bands like Sandiwa, Iktus, and Eevee.

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