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Telegraph - Switched On (2000) FULL ALBUM

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Telegraph was a Detroit, Michigan ska band that was originally known as The Skolars. They formed in 1993 and broke up in the mid-2000s, but have played sporadically since then.

Switched On was their third major release and their first and only full LP (the previous two were a discography collection and EP). It's a noted departure from their usual two-tone style ska by blending emo-rock and ska, a unique idea in the year 2000 when emo was just beginning to build mainstream attention.

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Track 1 (Go Boy): 0:00
Track 2 (My Friends Back Home Would Understand): 3:17
Track 3 ((Baby, Let's Stay) Broken Up): 6:29
Track 4 (Rachel): 10:44
Track 5 (Would You Jump Too?): 13:30
Track 6 (Coffee Drinking Song): 17:20
Track 7 (Dear): 19:38
Track 8 (Where Have You Gone?): 23:00
Track 9 (The Routine): 24:28
Track 10 (Bella + Blake): 26:26
Track 11 (American Way): 29:35
Track 12 (Untitled): 33:44
Track 13 (Stupid Sex): 34:41
Track 14 (Six Days 'til Tuesday): 37:00