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Rhythm Heaven Custom Remix - Megalovania (Undertale)

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It's time to mix things up! Keep on your toes, or else you're gonna have a bad time.

MEGA spoilers for Undertale! Even the related videos aren't safe!

Credit to IggigStudios for TB+-styled Toss Boys.

Credit to NoHit Runs for Sans fight footage.

Credit to Nintendo for the Rhythm Heaven series.

Credit to Toby Fox for Undertale.

Minigames used:
Lockstep (TB+)
Drummer Duel
Night Walk (Fever)
Blue Birds (TB+)
Tap Trial (Fever)
Space Dance (TB+)
Karate Man's Father
Clappy Trio (Fever)
Board Meeting
Shoot-'Em-Up (TB+)
Cosmo Rally
Munchy Monk (DS)
Fan Club (TB+)
Clap Trap
Cheese Heist (TB+)
Glee Club (DS)
Toss Boys (TB+-style)
Crop Stomp
Space Soccer
Figure Fighter (Fever - Remix 3)
Flipper Flop
Ninja (Tengoku)
Polyrhythm/Built to Scale (Tengoku)
Hopping Road (Tengoku)
Quiz (Tengoku)

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