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VENICE VENEDIG VENEZIA re -mixed, pt.1 of Full Album

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Venice, Italy - a great place for inspiration and love of life...
Here's the best of the Biennale of Arts 2011 and 2013, mixed up with impressions while walking the narrow streets of Venice...
The soundtrack is music I made - a concept album using the obvious and the hidden connected with this wonderful city!

Watch closely - or close your eyes...

1. Per San Marco! 0:00
2. Harry's Bar 4:00
3. Linguini con Vongole 6:58
4. Le Statione 11:50
5. Arsenale 14:36
6. Geographia 17:00
7. Bar'B' 21:35
8 Interlude San Michele 27:29 be continued in pt.2