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Sofia Sarri - Kira Kitana (Official Audio)

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Sofia Sarri - \"Kira Kitana\"
From the album \"Euphoria\"
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Music and lyrics by Sofia Sarri

she is a murderer
a molecular disease
she'll exterminate everyone she'll ever please
there's a shadow in her eyes
I have noticed for a while
and I'll sew my thread of thoughts
just to lead her where I want to hide
and climb

oh use your imagination to keep up with life
there's one entire nation to make u realise
you're dead inside

she's a pioneer, my love
so strong and so alive
tell her God she's not unique
β€˜I will feast on his insides happily’
there is blood inside her mind
so afraid to let it dry
but whatever may come
she's light and light and light and light and…

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