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Vomitorial Corpulence (xVxCx) ‎- Skin Stripper FULL ALBUM (1998 - Christian Grindcore Goregrind)

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Christian grindcore / goregrind band from Australia that acted from 1993 since 2008. This is their first full-length album.

Originally released in 1998 by Christ Core Records.

Re-released in 2002 by Morbid Records.


01.[00:00] Hammer Inflicted Brain Seizure & Hemorrhaging Cranial Cestation

02.[00:16] Curse Or Blessing

03.[00:52] Malignant Cankerous Brain Feast & Tumorous Cerebral Beverage Of The Cranium

04.[02:58] Blink

05.[03:04] Dumb

06.[04:27] Stenching Putrefaction Of Crepitated Decomposing Carcassile & Eroded Internal Intestinal Tract & Organs

07.[05:55] Goreaphiler Of The Flesh

08.[06:16] Life?

09.[06:47] Defleshed

10.[07:54] Cudgelate Mephistopheles Brutality

11.[08:08] Do It

12.[08:52] One Question & One Answer

13.[08:59] Festering Insalubrious Bowel Hemorrhaging Of Gangrenous Pustulosus & Abdominal Abscess Discharge Of The Intestinal Tract

14.[11:15] Holy Hypocrisy

15.[11:43] Cadaveric Necroticisum Of Neuropathological Catatoniar & Pyrexia Malignant Growth Of The Cerebrum

16.[14:00] Hillbilly Heaven

17.[14:21] Cerebral Turbulency

18.[15:29] Turn To Christ

19.[15:36] HC4JC

20.[16:20] Excoriating Karrionic Cankerous Emanation Of Sludge & Ulcerated Flesh

21.[18:38] Pathetic

22.[18:54] Grotesque Mucopurulent Disgorgement

23.[20:59] Barnyard Grind

24.[21:26] Karrionic Hacktician

25.[23:44] Abolishment Of Belial & All Impercating Creation

26.[24:03] Death Comes Quick

27.[24:12] Christ Is The Demon Crusher (CITDC)

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How the F%&* can you have Christian Grindcore? That is an oxymoron right there. Grindcore has got to be the most unholy of all the genres!

I am seriously considering purging DigMusic of any albums which contain grotesque and obscene song titles (such as this one) for the reason that I don't believe they are healthy.

I'm intending to write a blog post on the subject soon.

I'm not saying that anyone who listens to this kind of filth is evil, but I'm not sure I want to play any part in proliferating this kind of noise which seems to glorify violence, torture, rape, mayhem and death. I certainly don't want a future killer to find the track that inspired him (or her) on Digmusic. I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this.
Dan Tuesday, 1st June, 2021 @ 12:46 pm

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