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COLORS - Code Geass OP1 [Piano]

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400,000 subscribers! Thank you everyone!
This is an incredible achievement for a YouTube channel which only focus on piano covers.
Discovering YouTube and making Anime piano covers was really one of the best things that has happened in my life.

The Anime community is also one of the liveliest, craziest, but also friendliest bunch of people I have ever met.
I got to know so many people on the internet thanks to my YouTube channel and I really enjoy their company. Having a heated debate about \"who is best girl\", or discussing the latest episodes of currently running anime - this wouldn't be possible without my Anime bros.

Therefore, to celebrate this special milestone, I have decided to upload something special:
A piano cover of COLORS, the legendary first Opening song of Code Geass!

Who wouldn't recognize the iconic JIBUN WOO at the beginning of this song, and the awesome guitar solo in the middle section of the song. COLORS was and will always be one of my most favorite anime songs ever - and definitely one of the most iconic anime song in the Anime community.

The difficulty of this arrangement is off the charts again, because I was using many ideas inspired from classical music. Especially the guitar solo part starting at 1:49 was inspired by Chopin's piano music, because of the added 6ths in the right hand scale.

Before I forget: Many thanks to Chris Luan for inspiring me to create my own COLORS arrangement.
Basically, he showed me his (prototype) version of COLORS and it gave me many idea to create this arrangement. Please check out his YouTube Channel as well, he has uploaded many advanced Anime piano covers!

Well then.
I still can't believe I have reached 400.000 subs...
This feels like a dream.
I want to use this opportunity to thank all the people, who have been supporting me so far:

- my parents, for introducing me the piano
- my sister, for always being there for me
- my three piano teachers, for all the musical wisdom they have taught me
- Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt for being my musical inspiration
- my anime bros, for being good company
- the Anime pianists on YouTube, for being fellow musicians with the same interest
- Theishter, for being a bro since the very beginning. I would be lonely on YouTube, without him.
- and of course, you fans!

Thank you for listening and as usual -
see you next time!


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Piano arrangement by Animenz

Original Song: COLORS
Anime: Code Geass
Published by: Ki/oon Records
Composed by: Takeshi Asakawa
Performed by: FLOW

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