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AUTO - Neon Beige (FULL ALBUM) [HQ]

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Im not affiliated with ??AUTO in any way, im only posting this for purposes of accessibility and promotion

Download/Purchase album here:

00:00:00 Two Six Eight
00:00:35 Goes Around
00:04:04 Rumba (feat. Nmesh)
00:11:03 Sensory Overload (feat. Luxury Elite)
00:14:37 Holy Apple Juice
00:16:19 Spent Money
00:20:15 Take Take (feat. Topaz Gang)
00:23:41 White Privilege (feat. Skeleton Lipstick)
00:26:12 Ignorant (feat. EvChan)
00:27:44 Police Brutality
00:30:19 Birthed -Palate Cleanse II-
00:34:03 Smile (feat. Kyle Michael Porter)
00:37:16 Friends Someday (feat. Chazzz Allen)
00:40:36 The Simplest Song In The World
00:41:24 Bird Bath -Palate Cleanse III-
00:41:49 Sunblock
00:43:40 July 1994
00:46:38 Time Moves Fast
00:48:00 Brass Tracks
00:49:38 Pusher
00:51:51 Odde -Palate Cleanse IV-
00:53:32 Astro Pasta
00:56:25 Melatonin Redux (feat. Destiny-Erotica)
01:00:37 Time Moves Slow (feat. Golden Living Room)
01:03:39 Contrast (feat. Soul Ipsum)
01:07:39 Vapor Grave (feat. Linckoln)
01:10:09 Skin -Palate Cleanse V-
01:16:30 Mirror (feat. Topaz Gang)
01:19:28 Color Me Blue
01:21:43 Wash