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Joana Guerra & Gil Dionísio - Alarming Kids [2015 FULL ALBUM]

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\"Alarming Kids\" by Joana Guerra & Gil Dionísio

\"Alarming Kids\" recorded by John Klima at Scratch Built Studios in 2015, Lisbon, Portugal


00:06 Part I: Every-Thing

10:20 Trains. Trains, Trains

12:52 Power is Often Very Quiet

15:41 Oh! I Shouldn't, but it's so fuuunny

18:03 Daddy is Home

22:39 Part II: Sous Mon Ciel de Faience

31:15 Family Portraits

33:54 Oh Dear

37:37 Part III: I Remember 52nd Street

\"Alarming Kids\"

by Joana Guerra & Gil Dionísio


recorded in 2015

by John Klima

at Scratch Built Studios

mixed and mastered by Nuno Morão

artwork by Aude Barrio

released by Olympo



Olympo is a record label & publisher founded by Gil Dionísio




Olympo, Lisboa, 2019

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