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SBB - Sierpień (full album)

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Artist: SBB

Album: Sierpień

Year: 2005

Genre: free improvisation, progressive rock, hard rock

Country: Poland

Label: Metal Mind Productions


1. Sierpień (August) 0:00

2. Atoa 15:35

3. Dwie pogody - cz. I (Two weathers - pt. 1) 34:25

4. Zandra 54:53

5. FOS 1:03:55

This album consist of archival studio recordings from 1975


Józef Skrzek - keyboards, bass guitar, harmonica

Apostolis Antymos - guitar

Andrzej Przybielski - trumpet (tracks 1, 3)

Helmut Nadolski - double bass (tracks 1, 3)

Jerzy Piotrowski - drums

All the rights of this music belong to its performers and publishers. I do not claim rights to it, I put this clip only for promotional and informational purposes. I'm not making any money from this video.

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