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Hillbilly Hit Parade Volume I - Full Album

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–George Jones (2) Why Baby Why

–Leon Payne You Are The One

–Jeanette Hicks Searching

–George Jones (2) Any Old Time

–G. Jones* & J. Hicks* I Take The Chance

–Benny Barnes Conscience I'm Guilty

–George Jones (2) Hold Everything

–Eddie Blank I Want You, I Need, I Love You

–Leon Payne Crazy Arms

–George Jones (2) You Gotta Be My Baby

–Benny Barnes I Walk The Line

–George Jones (2) Sweet Dreams

–Leon Payne Blackboard Of My Heart

–Red Hayes A Satisfied Mind

–George Jones (2) Yes, I Know Why

–Thumper Jones Heartbreak Hotel


Great if you like scratched up records!
Dan Tuesday, 1st June, 2021 @ 1:37 pm

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