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ARC - Hello, Hello Monday (heavy prog/prog rock, 1971)

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Arc - Hello, Hello Monday
Album: this (1971)
LYRICS after hearing - I got help from my friend, zzenzero. Thank you!!!

Hello Monday come shine my way
... ... order at cafe all day
Don't let me down come on Monday
Soon I'll be well on my way
When day breaks I wake up and say:
Hello, Hello Monday, Hello, Hello Monday, Hello, Hello Monday!
(hello ...) come fly over the Moon
Where I can be, only there I can be
Oh, hello Monday, come shine my way, (hey)

(then instrumental break till 6.00)

... ... order at cafe all day ( the missing words - maybe a name: Matthews ...?)
Don't let me down, come on Monday
... soon I'll be well on my way
When day breaks I wake up and say:
Hello, Hello Monday, Hello, Hello Monday, Hello, Hello Monday

1. Let Your Love Run Through
2. It's Gonna Rain
3. Four Times Eight
4. An Ear Ago
5. Great Lager Street
6. Hello, Hello Monday
7. Perfectly Happy Man
8. Sophie's Cat
9. You're In the Garden

Mick Gallagher (piano, organ, guitar,vocals)
John Turnbull (guitars, percussion and vocals)
Tom Duffy (bass and vocals)
David Montgomery (drums and percussion)

This innovative progressive rock band came from the ashes of the equally
innovative British psychedelic group Skip Bifferty.

The album is available digitally from

Biography from
After singer GRAHAM BELL joined BRIAN DAVISON'S EVERY WHICH WAY, English foursome ARC emerged from SKIP BIFFERTY [aka HEAVY JELLY] in 1970. They were very talented blues-based heavy prog outfit comprised of Michael GALLAGHER's keys, Tom DUFFY's bass, the drums of David MONTGOMERY and guitarist John TURNBULL. Evidently they recorded two studio albums though only one is currently documented, 'At This' from 1971 on Decca.

Occasionally compared to PATTO though they also remind of SUPERTRAMP if that group had been young and hungry, ARC sound not unlike many bands of the era who took from what the Beatles had established but adding a harder, rawer feel mixed with the semi-classical sparks of early YES, making 'At This' a respectable collector's item.

ARC were songwriters at heart and composed surprisingly good material easily overshadowed by the other more well-versed, attention-getting acts. Clearly progressive however, and a fine example of early melodic Prog before things got so involved.

Note: This vid belongs to my very first uploads and the quality of this ... well, as you see... That's why I decided to make a real vid to this excellent song (link above).

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