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Fasba Fpel - Book XLI - Perfect-ish (Ft. Balls Capone) (Full Album Video) 2015

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Book XLI: Perfect-ish

Chapter I: Making It One of the Fastest

Chapter II: In the Universe

Chapter III: The Wizard Was Barely Able

Chapter IV: To Regain Balance

Chapter V: As They Arrived at the Shield

Chapter VI: Surrounding Khomodeyaāma

Recorded 01 February 2015

Released 21 February 2015


Sean Juan Wilde - Sounds

Donny Smudge - Sounds

Huck Mendoza - Sounds

Balls Capone - Sounds

Travis Cross - Master of Gleeoo

Kyle Snyder - Gleeoo Understudy

Jersey and Line Master- Visual Captivity

Jez Roberts - Face Alterations

Nananana Cameraman - Lights

Sean and Donny - 2D Alterations

Album Art by Donny Smudge


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