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Funebre - Children Of The Scorn (1991 2011) [Full Album]

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Death Metal from Finland... this is the 2011 Xtreem Music reissue with demo stuff as bonus material.

1. Waiting for Arrival
2. Sinner’s Eve
3. Blood on White
4. Shiver
5. Congenital Defeat
6. Walls that Held Screams
7. Spirits Bewail
8. Slumber End
9. Redeemed from Time
10. Grip of Insanity
--- Demo ‘90 ---
11. Expunging Mortalities
12. Grip of Insanity
13. Imminent Salvage
--- Cranial Torment (Demo ‘89) ---
14. Cranial Torment
15. Necropolis Discomposure
16. Brainspoon
17. Carbonized
18. Leprophiliac

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