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Major Organ and the Adding Machine - - Major Organ and the Adding Machine (Full Album)

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1. When Father Was Away On Business

2. His Mister's Pet Whistles

3. Kissing Behind The Rubbery Grinder

4. Un, Deux, Trois

5. Your Moonpie Eye

6. Madam Truffle

7. The Fireman's Guitar

8. Moonpie Eye Sensation

9. Swimming, Laughing, Playing

10 Barry's Lung

11 Water Dripping On Bread Makes Bread Taste Not So Tasty

12. Walking In The Sun

13. Transmission

14. Abe Lincoln's Moustache

15. The Snack Bar

16. Francisco's Victory

17. Powdered Abe Lincoln

18. Do The Moonpie Eye

19. Life Form (Transmission Received)


Wow! I'm loving this madness.
Dan Wednesday, 2nd June, 2021 @ 1:03 am

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