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D U M B (Full Album) ~ 2020

Track Listing:

1. A very dumb Intro

2. trump guy (parody of \"bad guy\" by billie eilish)

3. road rage (parody of \"come out and play\" by the offspring)

4. incel (parody of \"she hates me\" by puddle of mudd)

5. dumb (parody of \"run\" by snow patrol)

6. cyberspace (parody of \"outerspace\" by 5SOS)

7. stalker song (parody of \"everytime\" by britney spears)

8. ct dems (parody of \"poker face\" by lady gaga)

9. corona (parody of \"boyfriend\" by justin bieber)

10. hack your votes (parody of \"blow\" by ke$ha)

11. mom's basement (parody of \"7 rings\" by ariana grande)

12. vaping (parody of \"baby\" by justin bieber)

13. all the dumb things(\"all the small things\" blink-182 parody)

14. sjw girls (parody of \"tumblr girls\" by g-eazy)

15. order some strippers 2(\"you know you like it\" dj snake parody)

16. whole foods(parody of \"stupid for you\" by waterparks)

17. chris christie(\"give me one good reason\" blink-182 parody)

18. 42 (parody of \"22\" by taylor swift)

19. take a shit (\"takeaway\" the chainsmokers parody)

20. the elf song (parody of \"crawling\" by linkin park)

21. tax city (parody of \"rack city\" by tyga)

22. coronavirus (parody of \"californication\" by rhcp)

23. mr.alt-right (parody of \"mr.brightside\" by the killers)

24. donald (parody of \"mother\" by danzig)

25. impeachment song (parody of \"judas\" by lady gaga)

26. mayor pete song(parody of \"put on\" by young jeezy)

27. twitter (parody of \"poker face\" by lady gaga)

28. we have corona (parody of \"friends\" by marshmello)

Recorded: June 7,2019 - March 26,2020

RELEASE DATE: 03-26-20

Genres: parody , comedy


#parody #5sos #albums


Appropriately titled.
Dan Albums Friday, 28th May, 2021 @ 7:57 am

Appropriately titled.
Dan Friday, 28th May, 2021 @ 7:57 am

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