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Remnants of the Fallen - All the Wounded and Broken (2020) (Full Album)

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The channel aims to promote the beautiful work of the bands. I have no copyright on the songs. All rights are reserved to the artists !!

To the bands and labels:

I upload songs to shine a light on bands like yours so you get publicity from people that wouldn't find these bands otherwise.

And of course I respect your rights. I own no properties of the audio and images I upload, you do. I do not mean to harm or 'kill' the bands I upload.

Please take my message serious. I would never intend to harm your band on purpose or any other way. This page and channel are purely made for promotion of the bands. Message me if you'd like your song removed, I won't hesitate to remove a song (if you're an official band/label member!)

Thanks for your understanding.

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